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Hardware Support
Does your Home Computer run slower than it use to ?  Did you spill a liquid on your keyboard or on your PC ?  Is it just not working or working the way you think it should ?  We can help you.  Contact us today. [TOP]

Hardware Upgrades
Today's software requires increasingly more from your PC with every new release. Popular software such as Microsoft Outlook, Norton Internet Security, and Adobe Photoshop can reduce old PCs to a snail's pace. The solution? Increasing your computer's memory (RAM) is an easy, economical way to instantly bring your system back up to speed. Perhaps you simply need more hard drive space to store your music and movies? High capacity hard drives cost less than a $1 a gigabyte and are easy to install. Has the CD burner included with your PC broken down? Why not upgrade to a speedy DVD/CD burner and give yourself the capacity to burn video DVDs, audio disks, and data backups. [TOP]

Troubleshooting Your System
Getting strange error messages? Has your computer started freezing, randomly restarting, or experienced a sudden decrease in speed? Does Windows freeze or go into a reboot loop when you start up your computer? Is your computer making loud clicking or whining noises? Whatever the symptoms, we can troubleshoot your system, find the cause, and fix it. [TOP]

Antivirus / Spyware / Malware Removal
With the proliferation of DSL and cable broadband internet connections, the spread of new virus and spyware infections has soared. According to Trend Micro, Malware exploits moved at unprecedented speed and volume this past year but 2009 may bring increasing cooperation among security vendors and law enforcement agencies to bring down criminal enterprises, according to the annual Trend Micro Threat Roundup & 2009 Forecast.
With the threat of Spyware, Virus, and Malware you need to protect your system.  Contact us if you think your system is vulnerable or if you do not have a current AntiVirus-Malware software installed on your PC('s). [TOP]

Software Upgrades
Are you running outdated software? Still running Office 95 or 2000? Considering upgrading from Windows XP or Windows Vista to the new Windows 7 operating system? There have been many improvements in functionality, security, and user interface in the new versions of Microsoft Office, Windows, and many other software products. Some upgrades are simple enough for regular users to apply them without help but major upgrades such as the switch from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7 or from Office 2000 to 2007 can be tricky and often require reconfiguration and reinstallation of accompanying software. [TOP]


Onsite Service

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